Teen Metal Detectorist Finds Civil War 20 LB Artillery Shell! From Dirt To Defusion!

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Jan 24, 2014
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All I can say is WOW!!!! At 12:15 pm got a signal. Dug down 11 inches and found a fired minie ball. Still had a signal in the hole. Faint but worth digging. The Minelab GPX is a great machine and gets good depth. Little did I know I would spend 4 hrs digging a 3 ft hole for this beauty. A 20 pound Parrot shell! Digging History like this is what makes trips worth while and I bet some would have given up but I knew there would be something there that could be the find of a lifetime. With persistence and patience I unearthed one of the best finds I may have this year. Happy hunting and dig DEEP. It's out there I promise. The video contains the defusing presented by Steve Phillips as well, one of my good friends. Thanks for looking! :)


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I really enjoyed the video and the major CW find. A huge congrats. Well done for a teenager!

Well done dude! I do have to admit though, it would have been cool if it blew-up in the shed when you guys were well away from it :laughing7:

Wow that is fantastic. He was grinning ear to ear :)
I got a rush from watching this

Great find, great determination, and great video. Thank you, sir, for the post.

Wow, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing the connection we can all have to our past if we look for it...

Super duper cool!!! Loved watching it being diffused,have always wondered how they did that.

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congrats on the find,loved the video.keep on diggin.

tom in central pa

I definitely would have gave up. Well done

Ahh great find. He could have drilled that in the side and saved the fuse. The guy who was killed doing it had done thousands also. It scares me any way you look at it.
Bottom line is you have a beautiful relic to display.

20LBS worth of congratulations there kiddo! That would have made me as nervous as a ceiling fan store owner with a comb-over! Ever hear of any of those going off while pulling them out or while transporting them?

Amazing find!!! Id of been worried about becoming the last casualty of the civil war due to artillary if id of found that though! Congrats on your great find and getting it safely!

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