axe head?

  1. Native American Axe type tool or just a rock?

    Come one someone please help! Found this in New Jersey, and it looks like an axe of some sort. Any input?
  2. First post--some type of hand tool found in Texas?

    Hi, John from Colorado here. I'm new to the forum and really like what I see. I've found a few points over the years and have always kept my eyes to the ground when out hiking or hunting! I was a 10 year old kid out with my Dad who was deer hunting when I found this artifact around 1967 in a...
  3. Chipper or Axe Head...maybe?

    I found this a few years back while walking along a beach looking for arrowheads. I could never find any other chippers or axe heads that looked quite like this one online. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone seen them before?