1. Empire Graduated Nurser 'Murder Bottle' (BIM)

    Empire Graduated Nurser 'Murder Bottle' (BIM)

    This is a hand tooled baby bottle from the 1890's-1910's. It's also known as a murder bottle since its turtle-shape made it difficult to clean and thus a vector for bacteria which killed many babies.
  2. Found: 14K Baby Ring from Liberty House Dept Store, Honolulu, Kailua

    Paid: 10 cents. Found this little card in a bag of sewing items. It had a cellophane bag in a card with 14K gold baby ring. The Liberty House has a gift for your baby, a dainty ring encased in 14k yellow gold, to treasure for years to come. Mother, please present this card in person at the...
  3. Rick Savage on ABC World News

    Diane Sawyer just ran a small story on metal detecting on ABC World News about 6:30 EST! Just ended. Rick, his wife, and another guy were detecting a field in Gettysburg, found a 3 ring minie ball and a crushed beer can. :laughing7: Even showed a classic "BOOOOMMM BBAAAYYYYBBBAAAYYYY" clip from...