1. salvaged wing banner

    a favorite relic. this broken wing banner made of banded slate was broken close to the barrel and ground smooth on the break. the conical drilled hole could have been for binding the broken wing to the other section or drilled for suspension when the brake was ground.
  2. Human Vertebra Transfixed by a Spearpoint of Antler

    I have been reading this document titled "SOME ABORIGINAL SITES ON GREEN RIVER, KENTUCKY CERTAIN ABORIGINAL SITES ON LOWER OHIO RIVER ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATION ON MISSISSIPPI RIVER" by Clarence B. Moore. It is a pretty extensive documentation of relics and burials found in the in nine weeks of...
  3. recently acquired

    I acquired this frame of relic from Miami and Howard Counties indiana. various materials from activation chert, Harrison County and a fee I have not yet identified. the brown blade has me stumped so far.
  4. Hancock County IN pick banner

    I found this broken pick banner in the field by adjacent to my home Dec 3 1990, on a small rise in the bottoms along the creek. This was found in the same field as the undrilled bi-concave gorget seen in the post here - 2nd image. When I found this, it was pointing straight up in the air...
  5. bannerstone / 1797 1/2 cent

    This surface find was out of my league as a detectorist and beachcomber. When i saw this sitting in the surf on the sand and approached it I was shocked to realize I knew what it was right away. This comes from someone who has never been able to find a complete point of any sort in my 65 yrs of...