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    Cars, coins, gold grill
  2. WEEKEND REPORT: Metal Detecting Lost Treasures from an Old Forgotten Beach in the PNW

    Hello TreasureNetters! This week we take you to an old park and back to the Old Floating Saloon Site where we found all the old saloon tokens. Barbers, Merc's, Buff's, vintage rings and old saloon tokens are recovered on this TOP SECRET expedition. Happy Hunting! -SilverChirp PHOTOS:
  3. 2018 Beach hunt -- May 19 & 20 -- Ocean City NJ

    It's that time again -- time to plan a nice weekend (rain or shine) on a nice Jersey beach! What could be better than to come out for the ECRDA's "On Cloud Nine" beach hunt -- May 19 & 20 -- on the family-friendly beach in Ocean City NJ. Early registration is open - save cash now... spend it...
  4. First Gold of the Year for me!

    It been months, I was so puzzle with beach detecting. Getting my hands on Minelab 705, White Surfmaster Pro, Garrett Seahunter, and Garrett AT Pro. Most of these detectors I sold with the small profit from buying secondhand cheap and reselling it. I did not like the fact PI machine have dig much...
  5. Awesome night beach hunt! First ever ring!

    I went out hitting the sand last night and dug up my first ring! I don't think it's real, but nonetheless it's a nice confidence boost knowing that its possible. Also found a nice stone pendent that is cool looking.:headbang: Thanks for checking my post! Cheers :occasion14:
  6. Thanks for all the help

    thanks to all the info on this site, I found my first beach hunt ring. She rang in around 56 on my Garrett ATpro about 4 inches down. Right at the line of wet sand and dry sand. Was about midnight, I was headlamp hunting. Great time. Sure was happy when I dusted her off.
  7. Help a brother out with Pensacola beaches ???

    Hey folks, I'm down in Pensacola for the next few days with my detector, and was wondering what would be a good beach to go hunt on without getting my chops busted? I found a few 3 or 4 year old posts, about a nature reserve and Fort Pickens being out of bounds, but was wondering if some kind...
  8. Spectra V3: a day out on the beach

    Hi there Bought my brand new spectra V3 last week. I maybe should have chosen something different as i am fairly a beginner, but i read planty of good reviews on the machine, that i decided to purchase it. Took it out on the beach, as the United Arab Emirates which its pretty much a very young...
  9. New Member intro and a question

    Hello everyone, name is Bill, First I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I live in the Space Coast area of Florida just across A1A from the beach. Just my wife and I and our two kids (the kind that walk on all fours and have problems enounciating). So far I have only been...
  10. Need some advice for hunting virgin beaches in Africa...

    Hello all... I am in need of some advice. I am an American living and working in Africa and I have access to lots of virgin beaches here in Mozambique. I have never seen any detectorists on the beaches I frequent so I brought my Garrett GTAx 550 w/ DD coil over to check it out. I have been...