beale ciphers

  1. Lue, Beale, and the secret

    I honestly don't know if there's anything to what I found I was playing around with ai Facebook ai and asking it all kinds of stuff about solving legends I'm going to post a link to three folders of locations it gave me since I'll never get to search these places I'll try to leave the link up as...
  2. First lines of Page 1

    "Fate we await our debt if decided death can decide when..."
  3. Beale Papers 1 and 3

  4. How many words are in the DOI to solve B2?

    Time, its a funny thing. We get so caught up in our technology that we often times miss important clues. Look at the Berlin Clock for example, how many out here on the WWW is able to tell time? I know I can. Let's start from the beginning. Ha, noticed the tag... Beale/Beall <- How many...
  5. Casting Beale Treasure Hunters

    Are you interested in the mystery of the Beale Treasure? Have you researched the subject, put clues together and dreamed of fining the gold? Have you tried decoding the Beale ciphers or piecing together clues? Award Winning Production Company now casting Beale Treasure hunters interesting in...
  6. A Verticle Look at Cipher I

    So, this is Column 1, 2, and part of Column 3 of Cipher 1 in the order as given in the online Library of Congress Version of the Beale Papers pamphlet (Or the 1st 7 sentences): Plain text reads: "Need the net ready the Tr 500th(x) 2Enter(x) Y note due the one 2 the ER 9 Dr O tho deed 2...
  7. A serious and specific look at the misspellings in Cipher II

    Basic Premise: It seems this is no treasure to be revealed by what I think is a second part to Cipher II -- only North/South Troop movements as observed by a "Unit 42" during the US Civil war. Background: A man named George Love printed out the problems with the long-ago "completely...