1. ✅ SOLVED A feather from what bird?

    This feather was found in the grass next to a large pond in southwest Florida. This feather is NOT soft like a feather usually is. Those ridges are pretty rigid! Must be from sort of shore bird. Yet, this birder is stumped! Let me know if you need more information. Thank you for your help!
  2. Native American Bird Stone

    I consulted 2 archeologists about this statue. They confirmed it was a bird stone. How can I find out where to sell it?
  3. Another bird band recovered

    Was out Tuesday playing with some different settings on a machine. Went off to an area I had not visited in a while. Been a while since I've seen one of these but second target out was another bird band. Around 6" or so. Reported the recovery and had the certificate the next day. The online...
  4. Inherited possible native artifacts? “Birdstones” or effigys?

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance your help with these. My grandpa left pails of rocks in his garage when he passed, which after some investigation over the years I’m thinking might be native artifacts? Doing some spring cleaning so I decided to finally clean them up and snap some pictures to...
  5. What animals skull is this?

    What animal's bone is this? I found the skull/bone in England, Hunstanton it was laying near a rock on the sand. I say it is a skull but i am not too sure, because i don't collect these kind of things so i have no clue. From my understanding it is probably a bird. When the picture was taken the...
  6. Two Bird - NEW Picture

    Hi friends New take photo, from sakarya Turkey