black sand

  1. Blue Clay Western NY

    I have a question? Has anyone one ever located blue clay in New York state. I recently ran across some blue clay in our creek bed while panning. Western NY region. I will get a photo this week of the clay. What does it mean?
  2. Separates gold from black sand!

    An experienced mining friend told me about this; Says that Basic H, a product of Shaklee does a good job of this! Any one know about it?
  3. New to the Hobby, Location Issues

    Hello! I'm new to the hobby of gold prospecting and have met two main points of interest which I want to expound upon to see what I can do with them. Namely, these are... 1: I am currently attending university in northeast Missouri, in a region which, according to my (admittedly limited)...
  4. Equinox 600 or 800 and black sand ?

    Any NOX 600 or 800 guys or ladys out there use there NOX to find concentrations of black sand to prospect with highbanker/sluice/drywasher/dredge? it could cut down on time sampling. Or does anyone know if it can even be set to not discriminate out the black sands? I am going to get a 800 and...
  5. Diamonds from black sand

    Does anyone know how to separate diamonds from black sand?
  6. Blue Bowl Concentrat Seperator Question

    Hello All, I got my blue bowl and have it plugged in and going well. Perfectly balanced / level and it appears to be working well. I have been messing with the flow and not sure what to do. Do I turn it up some what high? When I do I see concentrates climb the cone, but it looks like some of...

    Hello All, I am sure there is a more appropriate thread to get this into, but I wanted to post here to get more eyes on it, and thus more recommendations. I have a beach near me, full black sand, in the shadows of a volcano. To make things worse, there are salt farms on this beach. The...
  8. Platinum and Black Sand

    Are there any small scale refiners that would be interested in about 2 lbs. of black sand with PGM's in it? I have tried to find one with no luck so far. I do not know the percentages, but here is the geologists report. "At 60 power I see a sample from No Calif you will see y-o round crystals...

    Willing to pay 50 cents a pound for raw black beach sand or left over black sand concentrates. Im in the process of building a prototype sluice box/ miller table combo and need black sands for testing. I pay for shipping as well. Call 479-857-4138 Needing black sand ASAP
  10. DIY Fluid Bed

    Since I did my Bazooka Gold Trap post I noticed that some people were unfamiliar with the concept of a fluid bed. Well a fluid bed is very useful to anyone with a large amount of concentrates. It will quickly turn your buckets of concentrates into a cup of super concentrates. How a fluid bed...

    I have heard that you can sell black sand and or melt it for super fine gold in it, is this true and what else can you do with it?