black sands

  1. CRAZY NEW CONTRAPTION to Find More Gold!

    ⚫️Black Sands made EASY! It runs on Auto Pilot! This new 🧲magnetic separator machine will help you find more gold! Today we do a full rundown of the Electro Magnetic Separator and Dry Feed Auger to 🔥assay our placer black sands for gold. The results with Shock You! They are definitely not...
  2. Separates gold from black sand!

    Anyone know about this?A mining friend told me it works real good. Its called 'Basic H' a product of Shaklee.

    Willing to pay 50 cents a pound for raw black beach sand or left over black sand concentrates. Im in the process of building a prototype sluice box/ miller table combo and need black sands for testing. I pay for shipping as well. Call 479-857-4138 Needing black sand ASAP
  4. Alaskan Gold Cons Available Immediately Til September

    I have about 100 lbs of quartz gold concentrates, more will become available up through the end of summer here in Alaska. For any of those who would like a sample, 1 lb bags are available for $10.00 this includes shipping. Bulk discounts will be available if you want more. You will find...
  5. OK question?? help needed!

    OK so today while prospecting in a 3 fault valley for a new hard rock mine.. we headed down to the floor and discovered Black sands 18" deep and knowing i should have taken pictures i didn't... ugg... anyhoo There is an insane amount of Pyrite in the field, also what looks like gold but with the...