1. Blobs, Meds, Stoneware, 1893 Whistle, etc. (May 7th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted last evening at my 1924-capped landfill, May 7th 2023: The large bottles include: 1. Tooled blob C. V. Garrison Flushing L.I. made by the Karl Hutter bottling works in 1908. 2. Tooled blob amber bottle, no markings. 3. Machine-made Artic Fruit Juice...
  2. 1890's Blob Top Beer Bottles, Pictorials, etc. (March 15th 2023)

    Got out today during a strong wind storm. The wind and waves washed away all the silt and exposed many old bottles to the surface. Here are some of today's finds: S. Liebman's Sons Brewing Co. Christian Wagners Sons: Obermeyer and Liebmann's Minck Bros. & Co. (8oz): Minck Bros &...
  3. James Everard's Breweries

    James Everard's Breweries

    A rare 1890's import style James Everard's tooled blob top beer bottle with an embossed star. James Everard was an Irish brewer who operated in the then predominantly German dominated NYC brewing industry.
  4. Citrate Magnesia

    Citrate Magnesia

    Excavated Feb. 18th a tooled-blob Citrate Magnesia bottle with original Feb. 3rd 1892 Karl Hutter Patented porcelain lightning stopper.
  5. Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Finds of January 27th 1. Parker's Hair Balsam 2. Peer-Amid Re Umberto 3. Fred Schierenbeck Bottling Co. 403-405 East 101 Street. 4. One Gallon Stoneware Jug 5. A little whiskey sampler 6. Brass key
  6. Tooled Blob Bottles

    Tooled Blob Bottles

    Found January 26th. 1. Boley Manufacturing Co. 2. The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co. 3. Walter Gubner & Sons of 78 & 80 Bank Street NY (soda/water). 4. Unlabeled cork-sealed bottle with black contents possibly ink.
  7. Rare Shell Motor Oil, Three 19th C. Blobs, & Two Milks.

    Rare Shell Motor Oil, Three 19th C. Blobs, & Two Milks.

    From left to right: 1. Willow Brook Dairy 2. Reid's Union Dairy Ice Cream Corp. "It's The Best" 3. Shell Motor Oil 4. G. Wm. Meyer 5. August Bay Bottling Co. 6. UBC (Union Bottling Company)
  8. Jug and Two 19th C. Blob Bottles

    Jug and Two 19th C. Blob Bottles

    Bottles are from left to right: 1. The John Eichler Brewing Co. (clear variant) 2. A. Hüpfel's Son's 3. 1 gallon stoneware jug, no markings.
  9. Rare 1920's Shell Oil Bottle, Three 19th C. Blob Bottles, and Two Milks

    Went on a big adventure today in a muddy swamp. Five hours of constant walking, all mud, all new, likely never hunted by anyone before. The results, a couple hundred dollars in rare bottles including an original Shell Motor Oil, three late 19th C. blob tops - small, medium, and large, and two...
  10. River Hunt Finds

    River Hunt Finds

    Some finds from a river.
  11. Pumpkin Seed Flask

    Went on another adventure today. First went snorkeling off an old pier, nothing to be found there but big sea snails unfortunately. Had more luck at another location where the recent rain storms had washed away some of the surface. Found a nice tooled pumpkin seed flask and a old perfume...
  12. Wm Connors Hutchinson

    Wm Connors Hutchinson

    An 1880's-90's Hutchinson bottle along with a 1900's-1910's amber toolder-blob beer, an early 1920's cobalt Milk of Magnesia bottle - along with about $7 in clad coins, a 1920 French Third Republic 10 Centimes, a brown stoneware jug fragment, and a small piece of a salt-glazed ginger beer bottle.
  13. Harry W Brice Avon-By- The -Sea Tall Soda blob....... Price/Value??

    Hey guys, sorry I've been M.I.A for a while I need help getting a VALUE on a bottle . Harry W Brice from Avon-by-the-Sea NJ I can't find much info other than these 2 links, pic below middle bottle He says it is quote "An...