1. References about Gold & Hidden Treasures

    Feel free to download assorted references about hidden treasures.
  2. Four books on the Equinox metal detectors

    You have basically four books on the Equinox metal detector to choose from. 1) The Minelab Equinox 600 800 Metal Detector Hand book by Andy Sabisch $23.95 - 176 pages 2) Minelab The Equinox Series from Beginner to Advanced by Clive Clynik $19.95 - 111 pages 3) The Minelab Equinox: ?an Advanced...
  3. Help Dating this Handwritten Botany Notebook

    Hi everyone! I found this gorgeous handwritten botany notebook on Long Island, though it's not necessarily from there. It appears to be a child's school book, but I'm just guessing (the name on the front seems to be "Mattie. R. Harrison"). I'd love to find out around when this was made but my...
  4. LUE Map, Kanab, and Robert O. Burch Book connection

    Hi, I’m looking for anyone who has information on the book by Robert O. Burch called the Spanish Trail of Gold? I understand this is a rare book and heavily sought after item. However, I’m specifically interested in speaking to someone regarding its author and the authors family. I am...
  5. Korean War POW book Signed by author? Captives of Korea

    I have been able to find this book and author but can't find any examples of his signature. Do you think this book is signed by the author or is it just Bill White? Your help is always appreciated.
  6. Need Help Older Oldsmobile Ownership Booklet

    I found this booklet recently and cant find anything similar online. I can see that it was from Oldsmobile but was hoping to find an approximate date of publication. I can find no dates in it. Thanks y'all for your help!
  7. Clive James Clynick book The Minelab Equinox Series from beginner to advanced hint

    Ok, for those of you Equinox users especially beginners, intermediate or those coming form other non-minelab brands this is for you. I assume you read the book. Now after you have put in some significant hunt hours lets say 30+ go back and carefully re-read the book. I did this and understood...
  8. Clive Clynick's book on Equinox detectors

    I have mentioned this 111 page book titled "The Minelab Equinox Series - From Beginner to Advanced" in some replies to other Equinox related posts. Here I will give you my take on the book. First about me. I have used the great AT Pro for about three years and have been metal detecting since...
  9. Old book and would like any info you may have.

    Found at a sale with some other books. I'm not a book person but I bet one of you are. The book part has pulled away from the cover. The binding of the pages is intact. The cover seems to be some type of inlaid leather. As always, your help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Help with old book (Bible Dictionary)

    Hi everyone, I bought this Bible Dictionary at a garage sale for $10. Most of the stuff I've found online is about the newer editions. So I'm wondering if any of y'all could possibly help me out on how much you think it could be worth.
  11. WW2 Nazi DAF Book?

    I recently stumbled across this interesting WW2 Nazi book. I believe it's DAF (German Labour Front) as it has the appropriate logo on the front of the book and includes stamps inside the book along with details about the laborer I'm supposing. I don't know much at all about this book and any...
  12. Signed Pieces of Eight Book

    I have inherited a signed Pieces of Eight book. It has been signed by all eight. Any idea on where I could get this authenticated or possibly valued? Thanks
  13. Safari (and Quattro) Books

    If anyone's interested...This place has (a few) copies, in stock, of "Mastering the Minelab Quattro" and "Mastering the Minelab Quattro and Safari". Reasonable cost and The Gentleman who runs it, Jay, seems pretty nice. Research Unlimited - The World's Largest Treasure Book Catalog
  14. Can Anyone Help Value This Autographed Hellraiser Comic Book?

    Hi, I'm a new member and pretty excited to have found this website. I'm usually pretty good at finding out what things are and what they are worth but this one has me going in circles. I've found quotes ranging from $40.00 - $500.00. It's Clive Barkers Hellraiser book 1 copyright 1989, Epic...
  15. Not your typical hunt

    This past weekend my wife and I spent the whole weekend at the beach, a well needed break. I did get to detect on the beach on two seperate occasions and came out 7 cents in clad pennies ahead. On the way home Sunday we stopped at a thrift store and looked around a bit. I found two unexpected...
  16. lost an important book- help me find another copy?

    I've had this book for many years, referred to it often and now I seem to have lost it in my last move. The title is "Treasure Hunting", its a small paperback. Fairly sure the author's first name was Rod. Its certainly long out of print. This ring any bells? All I need is the authors last name...
  17. "Gold Prospecting with a VLF Metal Detector" Dave Johnson

    Available from the factory and through some dealers as a print paperback for either $6.95 or free depending on the situation. (Ask your local dealer if you've got one.) Online free at Teknetics Tek Files where you'll also find some of my other metal detector essays. The book and essays are...