1. possible sword blade?

    i found this object underground at a house built by the owner of Ben's Bread in the early 1900's. the house was used for the 1st class in WW11 (1939-1945) which would be majors and stuff like that. when i found it there was at least half a inch of rust on it, after cleaning the rust of you can...
  2. Looking for Broken China dug up in the Charleston Area

    Hi all! I live in the Charleston area in SC, and also am a relic hunter. Overtime, I wound up with enough broken china shards around that my wife insisted I start doing something with them or risk her throwing them out. I decided to start making jewelry and decor out of it and am having some...
  3. Arrowhead Hunting Question..

    Have y'all ever found a point that was broken and then found the other half nearby? I ask because a lot of what I find (especially in plowed fields) have been broken and I'm wondering if it's even worth looking around in the same area for the other piece?