1. Copper Bitcoin

    Copper Bitcoin

    A 1oz copper Bitcoin bullion round I found in the sand.
  2. Found a Bitcoin!

    Found another scattering of 1oz copper bullion coins in the surf, and one was a bitcoin! Easiest $20,000 I ever made. 🤣 Also, yes, I know it's not actually worth $20,000, it's just a piece of copper :D
  3. Copper Bullion Coins

    Found these scattered all over the place today. Ended up with eight in total. No silver or gold ones unfortunately. Who collects copper rounds? The markup in comparison to the actual metal weight is outrageous! People pay $5-$10 for 35 cents worth of metal!? I don't get it. Wish who ever...
  4. Treasure Hunting Youtuber Dallmyd (11.5 millions subs) is looking for collaborations!

    I had to resubmit this because an admin removed it by mistake. Sorry for the spam. My client is Dallmyd, (Jake) and my job is collaboration creation and ideation. About a month ago I introduced myself on this forum and we got 3 really great leads from it. We're in the process of laying the...
  5. Indian Treasure in Ga

    I once was reading a story that ended with the Indian man not being able to account for the treasures whereabouts so he disclosed the treasures hint to its location but I can only remember the last part which says "The turkey track, points to the hand, which points to the treasure" does anybody...
  6. Gold bullion and Wells Fargo chests:

    Gold bullion and Well's Fargo chest's: Bullion and possible nugget's some perhaps in Well's Fargo chest's as Stage Coach robberies we're prevalent in the area. Found one possible area after having asked for the location of the largest cache (the second picture) with the rod's. Still excavating...
  7. Making 100 oz silver bar. Gold bars demos for Gold Rush show for season end.

    So some of you probably recognized me from doing gold rush last year on the season finally doing the melt tally. fun stuff and has kept me pretty busy and still are! I have some of the behind the footage we shot for examples of melting gold and or silver for the show. and from these we came up...
  8. Sound advice for gold and silver bullion stackers

    If you want a real piece of honest advice from a veteran of collecting, trading, selling and buying in large quantity ; I recommend that you only buy pure silver or gold (99.9% or 99.99% / .999 fine or .9999 fine), because come sell time, you're going to face mass scrutiny and assaying...
  9. What to do

    I went to two of my parents banks today (I'm 15) in hopes of them having some halves. Nope. Not even a couple in the tray. I know I should probably ask to order a box per week but I only have about 150$ to spend. Can you order specific amounts? What should I do?