button id needed

  1. Fellow diggers please ID this two piece button

    Hi any diggers out there give me an ID on this button?Button ID?
  2. Button ID help

    Please help me to identify this button. I have scoured the internet to no avail. *It is almost the size of a penny (as shown in the second picture). Thank you in advance. History Pirate 8-)
  3. ✅ SOLVED Maybe rare button?

    Found digging around in Charleston. It has the South Carolina seal on the front and 'G Floyd & Co, Super fine' on the back. I can't find much of anything on Floyd buttons online... How old is it, and who would've worn it? Thanks! Normal camera: I tried to use instagram to highlight the text...
  4. Help Identifying Old Button Please!

    Found in downtown Charleston. Scroll above says 'E Pluribus Unum', Back says 'Gilt'. It looks like the presidential seal, but I don't know who would've had a flat button with that on it. Thanks!