1. Hi, I'm new to this website. Here's is some of my best finds

  2. Lightning

    I was actually surprised I was able to capture a full strike 1-3 miles away in photo burst. Shot with my 2015 6s:camera:. Flash flood warnings all night and all day tomorrow. Thanks for looking!:occasion14:
  3. Trying to find a camera to record metal detecting trips. Any suggestions or opinions?

    Hey all, I have been detecting for some three months now and I just can not express how much I like this hobby. I like to take notes of the things I find and how I find them and I recently came to a conclusion that every time when I find something great, for example, centuries old silver coin...
  4. Equipment: As important as detector for cache recovery?

    I have added this high quality device to my valued gear and am very pleased with its utility. There is a learning curve to interpreting the clear images on the screen and positioning the light/video lens on a specific target; this takes a bit of fun practice. How many times have we wished we...
  5. 8mm movies, camera,etc.

    My dad has the original 8mm Steamboat Willie, 3 Stooges, Mischeivous bears movies. He also has the camera, splicer and convertor that will convert the movies to he thinks CDs. What would the value be for this set up? I can't locate the value anywhere. They are all in fantastic working...
  6. Roger Cutlery Co. set, Gold Peace Dollar chains, Argus Camera?

    Hey everyone. This is my first post. :hello: I have my hands on a few items. A gold Cutlery set that has "Rogers Cutlery Co." and "IS" marked on them. They are pretty much in new condition. There are 35 pieces if I counted correctly. I also have 2 of what I believe are US Peace dollars...