1. Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm Campground Dover, PA

    Drove my family from MI to PA to meet up with our friends, the Alonzi Family, for a few days at the Gettysburg Farm Campground. We went to the GB museum and toured some of the sites. Loved it. I also got to do some detecting on the campground. Had a great trip! Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm...
  2. Campground metal detecting with my son!

    Owen and I went for a hunt at the campground this past weekend. Found a cool tag as well as some coins.
  3. Help identifying

    I dug this up yesterday found at about 12 inches below the surface. I’m thinking I have a Civil War campground in my front yard. Looks to me like this is a man-made brick or block… But the reason I found it is I noticed there’s a little bullet in the corner