1. What is this?

    I was metal detecting today close to Bull Run. Can anybody tell me what time frame these cartridges are from? The diameter across the headstamp is 12mm or 0.5 inches. I also added a 3rd pic showing the headstamp just in case that helps.
  2. Does Bullet Casings Have Any Value?

    So, Iv'e dug many bullet casings while metal detecting most of them are post 1950's and I know that they are just worth the scrap value. But Iv'e also dug many bullet casings from early 1900's to 1950's and I wonder if they have some monitary value. Iv'e dug many readable dates casings from...
  3. Identify cartridges case

    Please help me to identify! please identify cartridge and bullet big!
  4. Italian cartridge case?