1. I need some help with this one. It's odd. Maybe a carving almost looks petrified though

    I found this little guys or guys the other day and didn't think anything of it at first but then as a got home and washed it off I could see what looked to be like an ape face and on the other side like a bird or something with a crown. So I went ahead and got a little color pencil and went over...
  2. Any ivory pros here?

    Would really love to know more about these 3 items ive got. I know nothing about them at all. Except they are old. Have tried to detect the language and tried to decode the signatures but without luck. So any information is heartly welcomed. Thank you guys
  3. Rock with mysterious carvings found. Need help decoding.

    Hi All! I have found this rock a couple days ago, and I would really appreciate any help anybody could offer regarding decoding/decyphering this rock. What the carvings might be, what it means, maybe some place it leads to, I have no idea. This is how I found it. And also, nearby...
  4. Unknown Stone Carved Mask

    I'm new to the Site ,, and thought I would try to find some help ,,,I Found this stone Carved mask .. That I'm trying to find any info on .. Any help will be helpful
  5. 3 Carved African Art Figures, Gods? Voodoo?

    Hi there, here's a terrible photograph of three large African carvings I have inherited from an Aunt who lived in South Africa for the majority of her life until she moved back home to the U.K. I have always marvelled at the many artifacts within her collection, but she appears to have given me...
  6. Cave Carvings - What does it mean ?

    Hello guys, I found out a cave with several markings and holes in it which I think has a meaning. It's a very old cave which is not in it's top condition anymore because the old inhabitants used to burn logs etc. in it. Although there are carvings which look very interesting to me. Those are...
  7. Jesuit / Spanish markers and monuments

    Good Evening All (or good day depending where you are !) I've been following the threads in here about lost Jesuit / Spanish treasure,mines and the markers that can be decoded. My big question is: How many verified finds have there been from decoding these clues ? I know about the 82 found...
  8. Strange stone artifact

    Hi I found this strange stone-like artefact in the Channel Islands, and was wondering if anyone could help identify it or even a time period? It is approximately 5" x 3.5" and an inch and a quarter thick. It is stone like, heavy but not as heavy as you would expect a beach stone to be. Apart...
  9. Has Anyone Seen This Rock?

    I found this stone as part of a foundation of an old home site in South Central Virginia. I believe it may be some type of Indian carving. Does anyone know what it might be?