1. Some hardstone

    Visited a collector in Ohio yesterday, here are a few photos.
  2. Yellow Quartz Celt

    My wife found this a few months back. Find of a lifetime. Going to take something extraordinary to top this one.
  3. Is this a celt?

    I recently found this on a large island in the Mississippi River in Iowa. It was on the exposed clay layer that is underwater a lot of the year, so there has been a lot of wear from sand. I’m pretty sure it is a celt but wanted to get the opinions of people on here who have more experience than me!
  4. Knife or axe repost with more pics

    Eastern Kentucky find. I’m pretty sure it’s a knife but I’ve had a few people tell me this looks like a flint Celt? Appreciate any advice in advance :)
  5. New Hunter, First Find

    First off I would like to say hello! I'm new to the forum and I'm excited to start learning. My brother got me interested in hunting for artifacts after he found about 7 nice points while at college over the last several months. Listening to him tell me about their history and what they're...
  6. need help with Id possible axe, celt, etc??

    need help with id???
  7. axe, celt, tomahawk etc???

    does anyone have any ideas what this may be??? appreciate any info
  8. Central American celt found in Honduras

    20 years back my uncle found this celt in honduras central america, i have no idea if its real, how old it is, how much its worth etc. Is there anyway to authenticate it, or anyplace to get it appraised? Any information on it from the pictures would be helpful, Thanks!