1. The "Iron Field" in Belgium, 28-29 December, 2022.

    Hey all, First post on this forum of my first and last 'hunt' of 2022. I stumbled across a field with unusual crop marks. A two-day search followed in an attempt to find out more about this place. The results were somewhat disappointing. A pile of iron (lots of UO's - Unidentified objects -)...
  2. What age is this Spoon What period?

    Can anyone id the age/period of this spoon plzz help thanks
  3. My Garage Sale Jewelry Finds - Part 2

    This past Friday I went to a garage sale that had jewelry. I wasn't able to get to it until noon so I really wasn't excepting to find anything good. I figured it was picked over but I took a ride over being it was only a few mins away and I was curious. When I got there the lady holding the sale...
  4. My Garage Sale Jewelry Finds - Part 1

    Last week I went to two church thrift stores and found a treasure in each store. 1) Horse with inlaid stones and beads necklace. Not signed, however, I believe its a Lee Sands vintage piece. I can't seem to find one exactly like this on the internet to find the value so I am hoping its a rare...
  5. Interesting object

    Hi, I found this yesterday in a field beside a celtic fort in Ireland. It looks like a model boat or canoe,with one end missing.The end seems to be iron,and i assume the rest is bronze.Could this be a votive offering,or is it celtic? Any help would be greatly appreciated.