central florida

  1. Have been a member but still a newbie... new to Lakeland, Florida

    How's it going. I just moved to Lakeland and wanted to start hunting again. It's been years since I use my detector... Just like it's been years since I post anything on the site. Would like to change that. Anyone within the vicinity interested? Thank you in advance. Happy Hunting
  2. Dug my FIRST token in Florida!

    I was out doing some metal detecting in Central Florida and I came across what I though was a washer took it home and hooked it up to my homemade electrolysis and ended up being my FIRST TOKEN Wooooohooooo! It reads as follows: -Good for 5 cent trade -20123 (on reverse) w/ a bow
  3. A new member from Arizona

    I moved from Wisconsin about 15 years ago to a retirement community south of Chandler, AZ and retired in 2001. I joined today as a beginner looking for entertainment and knowledge from metal detecting. I did some dredging in a Colorado river west of Boulder back about 1985 and that was a great...
  4. Fort Pierce Civil War Era Paddle Boat Wreck< any info?

    Hello, I have a writing project for a company where this is one of the topics. Anybody have any more information about this wreck? I understand the boiler and broken spokes of the paddle are exposed. I don't think any treasure was involved but still it's an interesting wreck. Pictures of it...
  5. Bathtub and Stuart Beaches Florida

    Tried my luck at both beaches for the first time today. Bathtub was loaded with trash even though all the new sand, only producing a penny, can of cheese whiz and an extensive collection of Beer caps. touched a bit in the shallows but the wind and waves were strong. Stuart Beach was a bit better...