1. Iron rings and links

    My buddy found this in what was once a farm until around 1970. I believe it’s iron. It is pretty heavy. There are no makers marks on it. I used a can of soda for size purposes. He attempted to remove some of the rust with Naval jelly which explains the whitish color. It was really closer to...

    Hi, I've been searching for gold chains online as of late, and can't help but be sketchy about italian gold, the price seems a little too good to be true... I just want to know, is there any way to verify the authenticity online or request something from the seller? Reference photos below
  3. Please Help with Chain I.D.

    I found this chain detecting in a wash in Arizona. I would like to know what it is and how old it is? Its 12 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide. Its Not magnetic, possibly brass. I dont see any markings on it. The ends have rivets, but no material was attached to it when I dug it. Looks like...
  4. I sure hope it's Gold

    I hit up a playground yesterday for a short bit in between rain showers. It's the type with the wood mulch all over. I found this chain 3-4 inches down in the wet mulch and didn't think much of it as it was pretty tarnished. I figured it was either gold plated and worn off or was a...
  5. The Sovereign Saga #5

    Skipping #4 which was my last hunt almost 3 weeks ago at the old coal mine again, but with my son. It was more adventure than metal detecting, but interesting things were found when we were not playing Minecraft. With the weather changing to sub-zero the last few weeks digging has crawled to a...
  6. Possibly a slave ID on chain?

    Sorry I put this thread in the wrong place. I have moved it to Thank you