1. Aztec-Aztalan- Cibola Discovery EVIDENCE ( The UNDENIABLE PROOF )

  2. Aztec-Aztalan- Cibola Discovery EVIDENCE ( The Face Of Aztalan )

  3. My first Barber dime and oldest find yet! Video included!

    This is my first metal detecting video, it starts with a review of a great finds pouch sold in the classifieds section here on tnet, the rest is some video of a really neat old park with tons of history, and finally a barber dime pops out of the ground to mark my oldest find yet! Check it out...
  4. Just won a Tesoro H.O.T 3”x18” cleansweep coil on Ebay!!!

    And boy did I have to pay for it :BangHead: Gonna pair it up with my soon to be modded Cibola and go cherry pickin. :headbang: So who else was bidding on it? Lol :occasion14:
  5. Tesoro detectors... coil selections? Which one!

    I'm fairly new to metal detecting, and this is the first forum I've joined , as well as the first post I've written so bare with my ridiculous questions/ramblings I am about to bring forth. :BangHead: I have a new to me Tesoro Conquistador Umax with manual ground balance as well as a new to me...
  6. Tesoro Cibola or Vaquero

    Novice. Looking for Tesoro Cibola or Vaquero. Would be glad to buy yours. Thanks for looking.