1. Found: 1868 Pye Clothier Token, Cincinnati

    After a 36 year hiatus, I got back into detecting over the holidays. Yesterday I turned up this interesting find: A (slightly damaged) silver dollar-size, trade token, uncovered in Camp Dennison, Ohio. It's by PYE Clothier, "Clothing Hats and Furs, 5th & Vine Streets, Cinti." It's made of...
  2. Ancient Ohio Stone artifact?

    Hello, the other day while walking along an undeveloped valley's secluded creek bed (a small tributary to the West Fork Mill Creek in Hamilton County Cincinnati OHIO) I came across this. At first I thought it was a large cephalopod or horn coral fossil, but after picking it up and looking closer...
  3. Cincinnati Curiosities

    I follow this tumbler account and it may be useful with treasure leads for Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. The author uploads old newspaper articles that are weird, different, and especially interesting. Hope this helps or at least entertains you!:occasion14: Cincinnati Curiosities: Archive
  4. Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio Detecting

    I am a student at Miami University (OH) who has just recently taken up this most wonderful hobby. That being said, I am eager to learn with the adept detectors for I am still in the learning phase. I would be greatly appreciative if anybody would like to hunt with me. I have scoped out some...