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Jun 26, 2012
Oxford, OH
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I am a student at Miami University (OH) who has just recently taken up this most wonderful hobby. That being said, I am eager to learn with the adept detectors for I am still in the learning phase. I would be greatly appreciative if anybody would like to hunt with me. I have scoped out some pretty promising spots around my college town, so I wouldn't mind seeing somebody more experienced than me pulling the neater stuff (I found a Merc. in a trash lawn a month or so back, so the town can't be too terribly pounded out). I hope to meet some of you SW Ohio detectors soon!

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Are you a student at Miami University?? That place is old as heck, should be a ton of great finds. I am not sure what the University cops have to say about detecting, I probably wouldn't ask, just go out in the common areas and start sweeping. Don't do anything extra to attract attention. Should be alot of coins/jewelry around. Look for places where students hang out, they are the same hang outs that were used back in the day. If you can, try and hit up by the old buildings/slant walk area... Keep me posted, I used to work there about 20 years ago as a cop..


I graduated from MU back in the days when the earth was still cooling from the 'big bang' ! Congrats on your choice of school.

As indyhawkins mentioned, the 'slant walk' has been there forever, and searching alongside that walk should produce endless 'goodies'. I'd also search the sidewalk areas in front of the fraternity houses and the 'uptown' area around the water tower IF it's still there. Also, if you want to find trilobite fossils, one of the best places is in the high cliffs along a local river bank; just ask those in the Geology Dept; I'm sure they will direct you to that location.
Unfortunately, many of the 'old places' like the golf course, are no more, having been replaced with new improvements.

Wow, it's so great to see some former MU folk here! I have been detecting in uptown Oxford (they have given me permission to do sidewalk strips) occasionally, but haven't done a whole lot of campus. My question though is where the old stadium (Miami Field) used to be. I believe it was at the corner of Spring and Patterson, but I'm not sure. I'll keep you all up to date on my finds around there though!

After I get settled in my new job maybe two weeks or so I'll go around Miami with you. If you get permission to search some places I'll go I've been detecting about three years and I would love to give and get pointers to detect. My sister has a farm about 3 miles out of Oxford, She let me detect twice out there and I found little or nothing.

Oxford has a ton of History to it. If you are able to, I would look into what, if anything, Hueston Woods Park has to offer. Or better still, College Corner. I'm a Hamilton Ohio boy myself. So I have been to plenty of "get togethers" in Oxford. (LOL) I have around a year or better under my belt w/ detecting. Although my equipment isn't as top notched as most people may be using. Still really good equipment none the less.

Was wondering how your coming along here. I live very close to Oxford and was wondering if you had any good spots or pointers on anything

I am recently retired and wanting to start metal detecting as a hobby. I have a garrett 350 but haven't tried it yet. I live in Hamilton, Ohio, but lived near Oxford for 35 years. I have a couple of potential digging spots but not sure on who to ask for permission. Anyone or group near me that could teach me basics?

Does anyone remember Spat's Show Bar and Grill in Hamilton? Back in the day (before it burned down) that was where I'd hang out, being entertained by the likes of Bo Diddiley and Ike and Tina Turner. Today, if nothing has replaced that place, I'd MD the area.

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