1. Trail finds

    First time out in a long time and forever since I posted.Found a railroad construction camp today,1900 large cent and some other finds
  2. interesting composite coal like rock with white veins and gold streaks in lake Erie

    Hi all ~ I have found a very interesting rock on the shore of Lake Erie and am curious if anyone has ideas as to what it might be. I know nothing really about geology and rock identification but this seemed like a good place to start. The place where it was found is called Evangola State Park...
  3. two unknown (to me) tokens

    These two tokens have me somewhat perplexed since I am not a token collector, nor do I have the research tools to gain any additional information.  Hopefully someone out there will recognize them and can enlighten me!  All I can tell you is that both were found here in Central Virginia.  I...
  4. Coal chutter bucket in brass and bronze

    Hallo everyone out there, I have this Coal Chutter bucket and I don't know much about them so I have no idea what they are worth. Anyone out there who knows?
  5. Farm Find

    I found this tool in a pasture located in Winterpock, VA. This is the location of the original Richmond Coal Basin and near the old Richmond Railroad. My first thoughts was a Railroad Adze. It is 12 inches, 4 pounds, iron, symmetrical with a rounded blade and blunt pin. Any Thoughts?
  6. following the coal

    there is a 15 cm width coal north-east to south west and the 6.meter is filled by marked stones and one of them cut like the scissors shape and on that stone there is another stone which both side of it is triangle and the coal is spread on it. Should I keep going back side of it. and what is...
  7. Coal Scrip

    Had a really nice find with my F2 today! I dug up an old coal scrip issued by the Consolidation Coal Company Inc for their coal camp in Dunham, Kentucky! Dunham was set up on June 24th, 1913 and was only a small community, absent from most maps. It was about 10 miles northeast of Whitesburg, KY...
  8. Does coal or clinkers set off a MD?

    I seem to be finding some coal, and some clinkers (burnt coal?) which set off my metal detector, as an "iffy" signal (not real clear). Is this pretty normal? Unfortunately the yard is littered with both.