coin collection

  1. My history in a nutshell

    Ok here goes guys/gals.... I figured it's time I put myself out there on the interweb so you know a little about me. :hello: At age 50 now and a lifelong relic hunter, I've always been an outdoor enthusiast with interest of finding old things of history past. It may have all started around...
  2. Old coins, some newer. Father passed, what to do with them?

    So my father has recently passed and had left me with a huge, and I mean HUGE coin collection, over 80+ coins. Some new like a 2002 silver dollar, some old like a 1923 peace dollar. I do not necessarily know if this is exactly the correct place for this kind of thing but I have no lick of an...
  3. IIX Coin/Not sure what the coin says

    My husband found this coin but we are not sure if they mean anything or are worth anything... Any ideas??
  4. Selling Old Coins

    I received a request today for good places to sell your old coins. He has coins from 1820's on, mainly dimes. Tell you the truth I have never sold nor purchased any of my coins. But, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions?
  5. Coin Collection Chat

    I've just recently got into coin collecting. I am interested in rare collectibles and those of historical interest. I am looking for a chat room so people can discuss the best coin collections. Can someone name a chat room website e.g. C-box / RumbleTalk?