coinmaster 6000

  1. Detector Shootout! OLD VS NEW, Whites 6000/D vs Spectra V3i. Which finds silver?

  2. HELP! COINMASTER 6000/d GEB assistance desperately needed!

    Hey everybody I am in a bit of a delima...:BangHead: I was wondering if anyone on here who owns a "Whites Coinmaster 6000/D GEB" would be so kind as to post a close up picture of where the 2 battery wires of the 12 volt connector and the 2 battery wires for the 9 volt connector connect to on...
  3. D

    Old Coinmaster 6000/D Series 2

    Other than the cheapie detector I bought at a thrift store for $5.00, did I do OK if I picked up a WHITE Coinmaster 6000/D series 2 for $50.00. I had to clean lots of corrosion where the batteries leaked, replace a broken m 12 vDC power lead and clean up the power leads on the 9 vDC which were...