HELP! COINMASTER 6000/d GEB assistance desperately needed!


Mar 20, 2016
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Hey everybody I am in a bit of a delima...:BangHead: I was wondering if anyone on here who owns a "Whites Coinmaster 6000/D GEB" would be so kind as to post a close up picture of where the 2 battery wires of the 12 volt connector and the 2 battery wires for the 9 volt connector connect to on the chipboard (I think it had 2 battery packs that came with it but not positive). My Coinmaster 6000/d GEB's battery cables have somehow been pulled off the board. I tried to solder them back on to where I thought they were supposed to go but to no avail. Alternatively, If anyone knows where I can find the schematic diagram for the machine that would be extremely helpful as well. I attached several pics of what my current incorrect setup is.

Thanks in advance,
Brandon B.
my detector 5.jpemy detector 2.jpe my detector 1.jpemy detector 4.jpe

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