colonial coin

  1. Dug my first 1788 Massachusettes One Cent coin!

    Well, winter is upon us here in New England. Yesterday was an unusually warm day for December, the ground unfrozen for a brief moment. I seized this opportunity to get perhaps my last day of detecting in this year. I am fortunate to live on what was an old farm in the early 1800s, so whenever I...
  2. IMG_3293.jpeg


    Missing his head and date.
  3. IMG_3292.jpeg


    So excited to find this in pretty good shape! Any help on identifying this?
  4. Massachusetts Finds -- Bent real with chopmark, unknown coin...

    Hi everyone, We found these items today. The dark coin looks very old, and we have a good silhouette showing...but letters are very faded. Dug him up from under a tree root on the 1683 property. Would love to hear if this guy looks familiar to anyone. 8-) Also found a Spanish real, about...