1. Cleaning Canadian Coins

    Good Evening All- I'm looking to tap into the wisdom of coin collectors and inquire on coin cleaning methods. I have a small mountain of Canadian coins that are badly corroded and therefore not useable. I'm guessing they were under water (Wishing pod or the like) for some time. (Pictures...
  2. Simple way to clean your orange-red brown corroded nickels

    This might work on nickel three-cent coins, too. Fatty Indian heads, too? They are ~12% nickel.
  3. How to clean salt water corroded relic/metals(s)

    Apologies if there is a thread I should be following more so, but I searched on here and nothing stood out directly relating to my question(s). Feel free to point me in the right direction to avoid multiple threads... My question is how to clean relics washed ashore from the ocean and salt...
  4. 2nd day detecting and need advice on coin cleaning

    Today was my second day I've gone out since I've had my detector and boy is it a lot of work. I hit a modern park playground just to do some more practicing and it was only about a 25ft in diameter area. This detector picks up a piece of foil 1/8 of an inch size! So I had to change it to...