crackerjacks prize

  1. Please Help Me ID This Plastic Charm/Prize (?) 1970s (???)

    I have posted this on a few on-line forums but haven’t gotten any feedback yet. I might be the only one on earth that’s intrigued by this little thing, LOL. It isn’t metal or worth anything so maybe no one here will care! Anyway, I was hoping someone might be able to tell me about this toy/...
  2. Todays mixed bag of finds some old some not so old.

    Top left spark plug, mystery curved brass item with peg on backside. Might post that item in the "What is it?" section later on. Next to top right 1973 July watchband calender(i think?) then a crackerjack mystery club coin. Bottom left reed organ parts. Above the reed organ pats there is what I...