Todays mixed bag of finds some old some not so old.


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Apr 3, 2011
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E-Trac, Safari, Cortes, Musketeer, Makro Pin-Pointer
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Metal Detecting
Top left spark plug, mystery curved brass item with peg on backside. Might post that item in the "What is it?" section later on. Next to top right 1973 July watchband calender(i think?) then a crackerjack mystery club coin. Bottom left reed organ parts. Above the reed organ pats there is what I tentatively identify as a lead perfume bottle screw-top. Then see what might be the #"10" workman's tag. Found it in what used to be my grandmas gardening area. According to family history my great uncle(think he was my moms moms brother, that may not be the correct term) ran a small private coal mine. My dad worked there a short time before going off to WWII. Maybe this used to be his tag I don't know for sure, my dad cannot remember much now a days so he is of no help there, but it makes a good storyline. Bottom right an interesting china fragment I spotted while detecting my grandmas gardening area. Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting! CARM


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Cool finds , the tag might be a old coat tag any letters on it . I found one simuliar and thought the same thing but I stood corrected after someone mentioned coat tag I found a button to a club in the 1930s at the site with the same letters on the tag ...

It is very plain only lettering is the "10" nothing on the backside either. Thought it was a dog tax tag on finding it. But my buddy said workers tag then I ask relatives about did dad ever work in a coal mine or any other family members . That is how i heard the story about my Uncles private mine. CARM

nice assortment of goodies, like the Crackerjack coin too...........

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