1. Equinox Custom Settings Spread Sheet

    While I am patiently waiting for my Equinox 800 to show up, I created a custom spread sheet to write down all of my custom settings I will some day be discovering. Save it to you computer and print it off.
  2. Amateur Prospector and Inventor Here!

    Hey guys! Been binge watching gold prospecting videos for WAY too long, and decided to give it a go. I've gotten pretty good, but given my location, there really aren't any good places to pan for gold. My YouTube channel has more, but is not geared specifically toward prospecting...
  3. Custom Z-Lynk Headphones!!!

    Greetings all, I wanted to share my custom headphone build for the Garrett Z-Lynk system. I have seen similar designs on here for systems such as the Deus, but nothing for AT Pro's or other machines. The headphones consist of Howard Leight Earmuffs which I have wired headphone speakers into...
  4. New Shovel for my fiancee

    Hey guys, so my fiancee has been hunting a lot more often with me in the woods with one of my other detectors but I only had one larger Lesche shovel. I use the T handle ground shark. Now we know these shovels don't grow on trees so I decided to replicate mine with things I had around my shop...