1. Who's your favorite dealer?

    I'm going to buy a "Nokta Makro PulseDive Scuba Detector" for an upcoming trip. All dealers so far seem to have the same price, so the only step left is who to buy it from. Do you have a favorite dealer to go through? Is there one that includes 'bonus items' that are actually useful? Thanks!
  2. Grandfather Collection - advice please

    Hello. New here. I've inherited a collection of artifacts that my grandfather had. He passed away in 1971 and this collection has been boxed up since then. It is not certain where the items were collected from. He grew up and lived most of his life in Northeastern Kansas. He also owned a...
  3. Need Opinions on receipt from metal detector dealer.

    I recently received this receipt via email from an online dealer after not receiving one with the two accessories I purchased at the same time as the CTX. Since I began metal detecting over 14 years ago, I've never received such a poorly written receipt from any online dealer I've purchased from...
  4. Just ordered my Garrett AT Pro from Big Boys Hobbies!

    I am so thankful that a member on this forum recommended a metal detector dealer to me that is so knowlegable about the machines he sells and one that I can honestly say I trust completely. Recently I ordered that Garrett Pro Pinpointer and a Lesche digger from Not only...
  5. Who is our local dealer here in NC?

    Do we have a local metal detector dealer here in NC and what brands do they have? Would be nice to be able to try before I buy.