Need Opinions on receipt from metal detector dealer.

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Mar 21, 2005
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I recently received this receipt via email from an online dealer after not receiving one with the two accessories I purchased at the same time as the CTX. Since I began metal detecting over 14 years ago, I've never received such a poorly written receipt from any online dealer I've purchased from for any item, much less a $2500 metal detector. My main concern is about whether this receipt would be adequate proof of purchase should I need warranty work done or if something were to happen to the CTX and I had to make an insurance claim. Do you think I should demand a proper receipt with the dealer's info included on the receipt, or am I being overly critical? :icon_scratch:


  • Receipt for CTX 3030, Coiltek 5x10 coil, Garrett Pro Pointer. Received by email 2-16-14.PDF
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I would think a receipt SHOULD have info for Who sold it not just who bought it.
It's like having a contract with one party left blank. Not binding.

Gary I agree with Tommy, the receipt should have some minimum dealer information on it. That dealer should be very appreciative of your purchase and be willing to assist you with any concerns you have with the transaction. If they aren't cooperative, let Minelab know, they are pretty strict on dealer code of ethics. Just to be on the safe side, here is the site where you can get the detector verified.

Best of luck friend, I hope everything works out.

Just noticed the CTX3030 is not on that drop down menu, try starting with the registration first (link below). Hope this helps.

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You didn't get any online acknowledgement of the transaction or the payment?

Dealer is trying to avoid paying taxes IMO. Ask for a new one in a nice way. Remember you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. :laughing7:

Thank you very much for your replies, they're much appreciated. To answer a few of your comments.

CladiatorMax, I register the CTX online after receiving it from the distributor in mid Jan. I also called Minelab in IL to verify that indeed it was registered. It took a month to get this emailed receipt from the dealer which I had requested after not receiving the snail mail receipt from the dealer who had promised to send one. After receiving this receipt I contacted Minelab in IL by email to advise them of the situation, and gave my opinion regarding the receipt. The manager advised me to save my email and reply from them with the attached receipt, and that it should suffice should I need warranty work. No mention was made by them regarding the quality of the receipt or missing info. I'm also keeping the Visa statement as another proof of purchase which does have the dealers name.

Susan, after I purchased the CTX and accessories over the phone, I had to send multiple emails and leave multiple phone messages to the dealer to get the tracking numbers. I eventually got a text message reply and email with the tracking numbers which was my only purchase verification from the dealer until I received this receipt. Of course I got an immediate text from Visa when the purchase was made.

GA Boy, I agree with you regarding the missing info on the receipt. It's exactly what I expressed to my wife.

Thanks All

When dealing with ML on a warranty issue (headphones), all they asked of me was serial #s proof (emailed photo). It matched their warranty registration that I had done and that was all they needed. Since CTX warranty is transferrable, I don't think you would ever have a problem should you need warranty work.
That said, if you want a receipt, the dealer is at least morally obligated to give you one outlining the terms of the sale.

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