1. Best time of year for Denver Panning/Sluicing?

    I have a family member that moved to Denver area but I have never gone to visit. I am planning on going to visit and do some fun recreational panning and sluicing somewhere on Clear Creek. Probably Arapahoe Bar and anywhere else that looks good and I can access easily. Can anybody recommend...
  2. Is this a 1960 D DDO?

    Found a AU 1960 -D- Memorial Cent while coin roll hunting and under a microscope it has some possible doubling. Do you think this is a doubled die or some other kind of minor doubling? There seems to be doubling on the 6 in the date and on Lincoln's neck. Other attributes of the coin include a...

    Hello, Anyone in Denver I need a hunting partner or some advice to get hunting... IF ANYONES OUT THERE COMMENT
  4. Winter outing in Denver

    Got out yesterday for an hour or so before sunset. I had sample panned this site in the fall and have been wanting to go back with a sluice. Got good gold and will post that to this thread once I get a picture of the total. Only lasted about 1.5 hours before my toes got numb! That snow melt sure...