1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Furniture leg?

    Found metal detecting today. It is hollow, has at least three nails in the top. The bottom is very rusted, but looks like it could be a wheel. It’s is an inch wide and about 2 feet long.
  2. Knocking on somebody's door and asking for permission to detect

    Today I drove around in a neighborhood thinking about which house I should start at in terms of asking permission to metal detect. I didn't know where to start so I just parked along the curb in front of one house. I knocked on their door. Initially they were looking out the window clearly...
  3. Shield Nickel Find Video

    Watch "Found Shield Nickel and More Metal Detecting South East Louisiana" on YouTube
  4. Metal Detecting America | Episode 13 (The Beach)

    Im sorry i lost most of the clips from this hunt it was a few months ago and i did make some good finds which are in the wrap up video thank you so much for checking it out and i hope you enjoy the video!
  5. Metal Detecting America Episode 12 GOLD!!!!!

    My 12th Episode i hope you enjoy it this is my first piece of GOLD!!!
  6. Suggestions for hunting near Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harpers Ferry

    Suggestions for hunting near Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harper's Ferry Hey Gang, Long time lurker here, enjoying all the helpful info and experience. Now I'm hoping y'all might have some suggestions for me... I will be travelling to West Virginia next month for about a week and would like to...