diamond in the rough

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    I have read as much as I could and looked at every image on the internet...and yet I'm still not confident if these are diamonds. Why? Because for every precious gemstone, there are 10 other stones that look exactly the same. 😂 I know kimberlite, blue ground, natural erosion of diamonds...
  2. ????????????

  3. Need a little help identifying these?

  4. How to tell if its glass or diamond

    Hi! I found some gemstones hidden under tree branches and leaves in malta. Anyone knows what they might be. They are heavy, scratch coins and glass easily (colorless or whitish streak) and look a lot like diamonds to me 😊 i dont want to go to the expert yet, unless its verified its not a glass...
  5. My Kids New Venture - Battle of the Bands and a New Song

    My sons are starting-off on their own venture and could use some support as they start "Rock'in" by entering the Battle of the Bands. (Guess they don't want to spend their days behind a computer like their father :rolleyes: or trolling the beaches for treasure.) From what they tell me, the...