My Kids New Venture - Battle of the Bands and a New Song


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Jan 24, 2013
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My sons are starting-off on their own venture and could use some support as they start "Rock'in" by entering the Battle of the Bands. (Guess they don't want to spend their days behind a computer like their father :rolleyes: or trolling the beaches for treasure.)

From what they tell me, the more votes, likes or shares, the higher the Buzz.

If you can, listen to their song and give'em a Like, Share, a Vote and a shout out. Their music is Indie, Country and Rock - they play both acoustic and electric. One plays guitar, the other drums and harmonica.

They have written about 5 songs and have copyrights for them.

Every week they play here in town at a local restaurant, but looking to expand their events/venues per week.

One is a Senior and they other is Junior. They've placed or won the in the last 3 talent shows they entered and sing in the Chorus at their high school.

I'm proud of them for making a go at it and getting their Gigs or jobs on their own. Takes a lot of effort to be a professional musician.

Kids looking for a little help with social media.

You never know, they could be diamonds in the rough.

Thank you.

The Brothers Tate - Vans Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands

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