1. I found "Flipper" today ! !

    Found this very heavy dolphin artifact today! Wonder what its uses were? Wild shot in the dark, "Flipper" used as a pipe tamper ??? It does fit into my fingers perfectly when nose down.
  2. Goodwill Art Find Help!

    Hello all I'm Dustin and new to posting on here I recently found this at Goodwill and can't find anything about it online and was hoping you knowledgeable folk could help me out. It stands about 4" tall, has a dolphin and whale tail in it, is molded plastic/acrylic, and has the artists signature...
  3. I cannt believe what I found on my 1st day!

    I cann't believe what I found on my 1st day! 12/07/2012 Hello everyone. About seven years ago, I purchased my first metal detector. It was a toy version I picked up at yard sale for my kids. We used it in our back yard and found that it worked and was a lot of fun. I always wanted to make metal...