double die

  1. 1980 Double Die Penny

    After months nose deep in coin gazing, I finally found a coin with an error. Anyone know how much they're worth?
  2. 1991 D double Die Penny

    Hi everyone, I found this double die penny and would like to know what it may be worth. Overse and reverse double die, but much more noticeable on reverse, including Lincoln Memorial. Photos are microscope photos for better detail. Thank you.
  3. Double Stamped 1966 Lincoln Cent

    In 1966 I found this double stamped 1966 Lincoln cent. The stampings are outdented, so I don't think another kid made it in a garage. I spent a few hours looking online and found nothing like it. A few times I've taken it to coin dealers. Responses went from "it's not worth anything", to "I...
  4. Strange marking on a walking liberty half dollar possible double die or different die

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify what is going on here with this Walking Liberty Half Dollar? I used my digital microscope to get a little closer to the coin so that I could see if the "markings" clearly spelled something out but I just cant tell if or what it says. Can anyone help? have...
  5. 1969 s possiable dongle die?

    Okay so, I'm new to this site and I'm kinda familiar with coins and I've done tons of research and you can see the doubling on it but I'm not to sure if it's a double strike or some other type of doubling error I tried to take the best pictures I could hopefully y'all can make them out, I...
  6. 1986 P Jefferson nickel and 1992 D Jefferson nickel

    Hey guys! I found these two coins the other day, I'm new to this coin hunting thing. Are these coins double died or is it just something happened because of extreme pressure? and if they are double died how much will they value? Thank you!