dowsing help

  1. Dowsing for lost objects

    Hello everybody. As you can tell I'm new to the subject of dowsing but I'm very very interested !!. for now I'm just training, i hide objects and try to find using my "L rods" and i have succeeded many times, but when i ask my father to hide the objects i never found them even for once, and i...
  2. Best way to dowse while at a locatation

    Hello. I am a new member to TN which I found while while just stumbling around the web. I found the site interesting in a passing sort of way until I noticed this subsection. Sure buried treasure sounds good, and Ive even done a very limited amount of MDing years ago. But it was never a hobby...
  3. Any Dowsers Northern Michigan ?

    I'm in Northern Michigan, Traverse City right now. If anybody want's to get together Dowsing, Treasurehunting, Meteorite hunting, or wants to see if they can Dowse, and want to learn, pm me. Dowser