1. Brass Battleaxe

    Hi all , new here. Have posted pics of this item & would like to know more about it. 300mm long , 150mm wide , weighs 0.896gr. Obviously been used for something as lots of scrapes/ divits in the brass. Not so much interested in value but age , where , really the provenance. Cheers
  2. What are these weird things?

    Hello, I found these at a church sale yesterday and I can't find any info about them. The markings on the back appear to say "Hamsey" or "Homsey".
  3. Interesting Chinese Bronze Item with Dragon

    I'm really not sure at all what this is and I know there's a good chance if anyone can identify it, it will be someone here.. It is quite old and I'm guessing a couple hundred years by the patina. The gauge of the metal is heavy. It appears to probably be a part of something larger. The...