1. Vintage Bracelet looks unusual

    Hello! Please help to identify the name, style or any information about this bracelet. There are no any marks. Thank you!
  2. Unknown 14k Gold Emblem Necklace

    Found this cleaning out my grandparents house. Seems to be Bangor Punta branded with a Smith & Wesson logo. It has my great grandfather's name on it but I have no clue what it is. I've searched everywhere with no luck. I'm not looking to sell it but does anyone happen to know what it is and it's...
  3. Rough Emerald Found today

    Hi All! New to this forum. Thanks in advance for your help. I found the below in NC today. Is this a rough Emerald? The color seems to be excellent but I am new to this. Also can anyone make any recommendations on how to find a good lapidary if it is? Thanks again!
  4. Unidentified green gem

    I picked this up in a lot from an estate auction in North Carolina. I'm not entirely sure what it is I thought it might be Beryl but I think it could also be green Tourmaline I'm not all that familiar with the different types of green gems. It's 2 centimeters long and fairly clear I can't see...
  5. Lost Emerald Mines in Ecuador

    Hello, My name is Jennifer, I am a producer for Travel Channel's original series, EXPEDITION UNKNOWN. The show is hosted by Josh Gates who is a life adventurer with a degree in Archaeology. The show follows Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Our team is currently...