1. Diggers wanted in Albany ny

    Looking for detectors and diggers to help with a fun excavation in north Albany NY. Please call (469)816-2776 or (214)755-0301, ask for Missy or Rob and get the details. Dig in today through Sunday.April 15-17. Every person that shows up will receive a piece of the land. :wav::wav::occasion16::wav:
  2. Scientifically Unexplained Events in Modern Day and History

    I have decided to start posting to this board and want to say hello as well as start up a discussion. I am a supernatural investigator who had come onto here out of interest in a few treasure legend topics. I personally believe that finding an explanation to an "anomalous" event is the same as a...
  3. Resistance is READY.. Star Seeds ACTIVATE - Remember Your Mission

    The Go-Now or Go-Later results for the initial 12,000 votes. Just over 88% voted for let's do this Now. Now we must get this poll out to the world. We need 144,000 positive votes are necessary for the worldwide event to begin. This seems like a large number of people voting for us but is a...
  4. Florida Outdoors Expo - Vero Beach FL, August 24-25th