first find

  1. What is it?

    Hi I just started with metal detecting and this is one of my first find, from the similar photos it is an very old horse shoe, but can someone confirm and how old can it be. Should keep searching in that area. Thanks
  2. Stone arrowhead or scraper?

    I’m hoping this is an arrowhead or scraper of some kind. One side is flat or even a little concave while the other is a more rounded and comes down to a sharp edge one one side. The other edge is flat. I found it by the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Ga. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. My first find - or not?

    I was hiking by the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, GA today and found this in the rootball of an uprooted tree. At first I thought it was an arrowhead, but now I think it might be a scraper of some kind. Or maybe it’s just a pointed rock? It’s pretty flat on one side and slopes down to a...
  4. First Find!

    Hey guys! Here is a few pictures of my first find! A lid to a 1933-1960 Ball jar.
  5. First find of the year--one is a Morgan

    I had about an hour to hunt before dark and I hunted for about 30 minutes and found a 1850 large cent. I was hunting my way back to the truck to head home and I had a huge signal. I knew it couldn't be a pop can because this former log cabin site is about 2.5 miles from the closest road. I dug...
  6. First Detector and First Civil War Find - Thanks Bart (Big Boys Hobbies)!

    Thanks Bart (Big Boys Hobbies) for a great deal on my son's Fisher F2. He and I got out for our first Civil War hunt and he found a New York staff button! We are looking forward to many more trips together.:icon_thumright:
  7. First Detector and First Civil War Hunt

    I took my 9 year old out for his first detecting trip with his new Fisher F2. We hunted a field that the troops had passed through on their way to Gettysburg. I was working my way back to the truck when my son heard a good signal and found his first Civil War artifact - a New York staff...
  8. My first coins!!!!!!

    :sunny:Went down Humarock (Marshfield) at 6:15 this morning with my Garrett Pro Pointer which arrived yesterday. First time I ever used it and I have no doubt it led to my first coins! I know they're just clad, but it was WICKED EXCITING to turn the sand and see something flat and round! OMG...