My first coins!!!!!!


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Jul 26, 2012
Western NC
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:sunny:Went down Humarock (Marshfield) at 6:15 this morning with my Garrett Pro Pointer which arrived yesterday. First time I ever used it and I have no doubt it led to my first coins! I know they're just clad, but it was WICKED EXCITING to turn the sand and see something flat and round! OMG!

As to the blob, I have no idea. Looks like scrunched up soda can that's been tossed around for a while but I have absolutely no idea and will be glad to hear opinions. It wasn't tarnished at all and isn't heavy. It almost looked like solder, even.

For the record: I found the 1988 Penny first, in the sand, then the 2002 Indiana Quarter in the rocks that always line the upper ledge of the beach, and the blob near the quarter. I never hunted the rocks before but now with the Pro Pointer I will do it regularly.

FIRST COINS! 2012-09-12 2002 Indiana Q and 1988 Penny and blob IMG_0435.jpg

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awesome now your hooked wont be long till you find your first silver ...or gold:icon_thumright:

Annie that blob is aluminum, You'll find that regularly at Humarock, I've been there.:icon_thumleft:

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