fisher f2

  1. Found 12 diamonds, help ID button please!

    Found this button with my fisher f2. Read gold- silver and had a very strong signal. I can see the gold platting and can see silver from the underside. This appears to be an old button. It’s also surrounded in diamonds. There are 12 diamonds all the same size but some more yellowish and others...
  2. I need help with my F2

    I went around to the outside of my fence and was trying out my F2 at the base of a tree (still consider myself a newbie). I dug about 2 inches down where it pinpointed to a 2. I kept going back over it and it kept beeping around an 80 and gave a decent spot to dig. I kept pulling dirt out and...
  3. Fisher F2 vs Ace 250 (2015)

    Hello all, I cant really decide which one to buy as my first detector. Initially I was about to get the Ace 250 but then I found out about Fisher F2. I read many good things about it, such as it has better coil, better "software" and better sound system. Everything seems better with F2 except...
  4. Unknown hood/bonnet ornament found

    Hi everyone, I went metal detecting with my Fisher F2 metal detector at a park in Palmerston North, New Zealand two weeks ago and found this unknown hood/bonnet ornament. I've tried Googling it and posting it on Youtube but so far no luck. People have thought that it is off a Vauxhall...
  5. Curt from Tucson, AZ

    Hello, I'm Curt and relatively new to metal detecting. I've got a Fisher F2 and been out hunting 3 times with it. My problem is I've been finding all clad coins with it(my best coin is a 1928 wheat). I've been to some old city parks and hunted an old church property, but alas -- all clad...
  6. 🙋 WANTED looking used 10" concentric coil or 11"DD for fisher f2

    Don't have the extra funds to buy new so just seeing if somebody upgraded recently has any of the larger fisher f2 coils they want to be rid of. lemme know what you have and what you want. :thumbsup: or if you know of a dealer that has them point me in the right direction. Thanks for looking.
  7. Cary, NC area - new to MD

    Hi Guys, Gotta admit I love this site. I have been lurking on it for several years on and off - some amazing stories here. I finally took the plunge and ordered a Fisher F2 with the 8" and also the 4" sniper coil. They should arrive later in the week. I'm interested in hunting sites in...
  8. So I returned my Fisher F-2 because it was defective. This is what I got back. What is it and what should I do?
  9. First Detector and First Civil War Find - Thanks Bart (Big Boys Hobbies)!

    Thanks Bart (Big Boys Hobbies) for a great deal on my son's Fisher F2. He and I got out for our first Civil War hunt and he found a New York staff button! We are looking forward to many more trips together.:icon_thumright:
  10. First Detector and First Civil War Hunt

    I took my 9 year old out for his first detecting trip with his new Fisher F2. We hunted a field that the troops had passed through on their way to Gettysburg. I was working my way back to the truck when my son heard a good signal and found his first Civil War artifact - a New York staff...
  11. First Detector and First Civil War Find - Thanks Bart!

    Thanks for a great deal on my son's first detector! We picked up a Fisher F2 from Big Boys Hobbies and got out for our first hunt on Saturday. My 9 year old son found his first Civil War artifact - a New York Militia staff button!:icon_thumleft:
  12. 1 hour Park adventure

  13. new forum member,

    have been mding for roughly 4 months though, was useing a garrett tresure ace, now upgraded to the fisher f2 today was my first day out with the fisher and had a pretty good hunt, found my first sterling silver ring hope to keep yall updated and post some pictures of my finds,
  14. Fisher F2 With 11 in DD or Fisher F4?

    Hi, first i would like to say i am new to the forum, and i apologize if i have the wrong section. But here's my question, i already have a fisher f2 but i am thinking of getting another and giving my old one to the kid, so i was wondering, Should i get another Fisher F-2 With the 11 in DD Coil...
  15. My first 7 months best finds

    Hi all im new to treasurenet and this is my first post so i was just going to share my best finds for my first 7 months of metal detecting . I started with a old Garrett A.D.S groundhog until i found enough clad and a gold ring to pay for a F2.This shows all my good finds with the F2 minus a...
  16. treasure hunt with Fisher F2 and Whites Coinmaster metal detector