fishing weight

  1. Best hunt of the year!

    Yesterday I spent 5 hours metal detecting at a beach. I found 13oz of lead, some modern coins, and a coins line of wheat pennies! There are 14 wheat pennies total and one has a mint error!
  2. Mysterious lead object

    This piece was found along a stream in Southeastern Pennsylvania last summer. It measures 1.5" tall, 1.0" width and 0.5" thick and weighs 92.1 grams (~3 troy ounces).The piece stands straight up when placed on a counter-top. Its appears to be lead and Its density falls between lead and silver...
  3. Back to the Fishin spot! Part 2

    Went back to the fishing spot today to see what else would turn up. It was a threatening to storm and as soon as I stepped out of the truck rain drops began falling for a bit. Jumped back into the truck and after a while the rain subsided. Got back to the hunt then and began finding some zinc...